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Why You Should Need to Start Wearing a Wristwatch?

by Lloyd Ortiz

Back in the day, men’s watches in Malaysia were deemed as simple accessories that help tell the time. But, with advances in modern technology, there are now watches that help you know what your heart rate is, as well as being able to let you check your messages, social media feeds, and so on.

Despite the advances, there are some people that have completely ditched the traditional wristwatch because they say that there are smartphones that do just the same. Sure, there are smartphones out there that can help you tell what time it is, but it is actually cumbersome to use specifically for that purpose only.

Today, I am going to cite some reasons why you should start wearing a wristwatch.

They Are More Convenient

Sure, you can easily whip out your phone to know what the current time is but compare that to a watch where you can simply just glance over your wrist and you instantly know what time it is. Which is more convenient?

I know, people often say that they don’t need a watch because they already have a smartphone, but these are also the same people that are questioning the negative effects of the overreliance on these mobile devices. Just think about that.

They Are Functional

Can your smartphone be immersed underwater? Can it stand the rigors of the elements? Can it go toe-to-toe with the military? No? That is what I think so too! Watches are functional and although there are just some simple watches out there; there are some that are made for a specific use-case.

For instance, the military has used watches before in order to synchronize their attack to perfection. There are some timepieces that allow divers to go underwater and help them tell the time based on the number of oxygen they have left in the tank. So really, watches are more functional than your smartphone.

They Make You Not Worry

You say that smartphones can help you tell the time, right? But, your trust in those mobile devices can actually be your downfall simply because those devices run on batteries and, believe me, they don’t last for a long time.

Watches are either manually or automatically operated. There are some that use batteries, but there are also some that would rely on a mechanical mechanism to help it run for prolonged periods of time. Heck, some even harness the power of the sun!

They Let People Know Your Style

Wear a fancy suit without a watch and people will criticize your overall style. Watches are not merely accessories that help tell the time; they can actually complement what you are wearing as well. Whether you are just going on a casual event or you are attending a formal occasion, watches can certainly add more style and personality to what you are wearing.

They Can Be Handed Down

My father gave me a Rolex watch that was handed down to him by his own father (my grandfather). Despite its form, I actually treat it with so much respect given its rich history. By taking care of your watch, it can last for decades and you can even give them to your grandkids when the time comes.

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