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by Lloyd Ortiz
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What Has Changed Since A Year Ago Environmentally

The year 2019 seems so far away from us and it is enough to say it feels quite different to think that three years ago, we were all enjoying our free of restriction kind of life before everything goes downhill at the start of the year 2020 until today. The beautiful year we all thought would be super special is utterly one-of-a-kind when the whole world was introduced classified under the threat of a growing pandemic. The lethal infections and common symptoms have always been like the normal flu or fever. This makes it so hard for the public to self-diagnose and examine themselves. This has unfortunately added one more burden for the front liners to come and check us for better and just confirmation. There have been millions of cases that ended up with the victims dying out of breath due to the effect and the fact that the virus inhabits our lungs makes it scarier. However, the medical industry around the globe has been working for so long on the cure and the results are looking good on our side. We have three types of vaccines that are officially approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that everyone from every country can get from their local clinics. 

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However, it is clear that even after everyone is successfully vaccinated, the heavy impacts this pandemic has caused the whole world to suffer will still remain for quite some time. This is because the consequences are always the hardest parts to mend. As a lot of people are badly affected as well, the lengths every party has to go for are beyond imaginations but we all need to make it work. 

A lot of things have changed in a year and all the things, as well as activities that we used to deem as normal, is no longer so. Ever since the COVID-19 has started, there are a lot of movement restrictions laws that have resurfaced from the government’s side as an effort to curb the spread of the virus. Also due to this, travelling ban is normalised and there is no such thing as going to another country and even state for the time being. We also are not allowed to freely go out of the house to enjoy days outside. Every move you make an inch outside of your house should be made with intention of getting something important like buying groceries. 

The most obvious change we can witness up to this day is the frequent use of delivery service more than before. This has unintentionally helped those in the industry and improve their image from people’s perspective. We used to dismiss the service as we ourselves can drive but with the situation right now, they voluntarily do this for us. If you are in need of help financially, you can opt to do online business by getting some consultation sessions with web design malaysia to know more about the tips and tricks. Everyone is affected by this situation therefore we need to try to elevate our life better.

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