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Unique Gambling Games To Try

by Lloyd Ortiz

There are some unique gambling games that you could try with friends if you are not up for an online gamble malaysia.  You can also click here. But that is if you are up to it and challenge your friends for a game of it. In this article, you would also read on the tricks that you could use to have the game going your way. Just make sure that you would not let your friends read this article as well and make sure they do not find it too. Keep it where it is safe and do not mention where you found it. So now we will start the list with;


  • False Courage Death


For this game, do not be shocked by the name. But it is actually a very normal game that does not involve death at all. So the game goes with setting one type of food that you please. Whatever kind of your choice, you need to ready it with more than one serving. Next you need to make one of it spicy. Everyone in the game would then eat any which of their choosing. After that everyone would make a guess which one had the spicy one. 


  • Soixante Trois


This game has a weird name, not gonna lie. So how is it played? This game is played with a traditional deck of cards. So the aim is not to get to 63 in total. In a  sense you can be under 63 but you cannot go over that number. However you can just say whatever number that you feel like, different from the card you just chose. If the person after thinks that it would go over 63 then they can pass on that round. 


  • Choice Poker


The game of choice poker is the same as normal poker. However in this game the player can only bet and raise. With each player given a hand of five cards. Being the five of a kind the strongest hand and the higher ranking cards the weakest. In the deck, the Joker would be included in which makes it the strongest hand if any of the players pulls it. So within the game you would bet and raise, as the person with the higher bet would be able to choose which category; stronger or weaker. Which would be the winner? The person with the bet category. If the bet is stronger so the person with the stronger hand would win and vice versa. 


  • Double Memory


Double memory is played with two decks of cards. It is the same as you play with memory games but with a little twist. The game starts with a bet that all would agree on. In this game each person needs to find matching cards within all 104 cards. Both of the cards need to be in a matching number as well as symbol and color. Each player would have the chance to flip through cards with the aim of getting 54 pairs. A person’s turn would end if they do not find the matching cards but will keep going if they have a matching card. The turn would be passed onto the next person if they fail. 


  • ESP Game


In this game, you would need a special design of cards. Five cards would be enough. The game is played with two players and one dealer. You can bet on anything you want. The game would be that you need to guess in the order of the dealer’s hand. They have to guess the right order in which with every right card they would receive a point after the dealer reveals their hand. They would be a couple of rounds of your choosing. In each round the person who wins can give a penalty to the one that lost. You could have the option of a toy water gun to make it much more interesting. The players get to choose if they want to fill it with water or not, and both would put the water gun in a covered box which the winner would choose randomly after winning  a round. So it would be a game of luck to see who gets drenched or who stays dried. 


Those are some of the games that you could try with friends and family. It would be on a game night or just to have a fun weekend. 

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