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Types Of Branding Before Deciding

by Lloyd Ortiz

Do you know that there are many ways of doing marketing? One of them is by branding Malaysia. Normally, people would decide to do branding when they are fully aware of their brand. Business owners and people who do branding want to attract more customers and to let customers remember the brands’ originality. For example, when you think of Disney, Mcdonalds or any other brands that pop up in your head, they have their own originality and reputation. Thus, it is a good thing to do branding, you have your own name, your own logo, something that customers could straight away tell it’s you. You should the types of branding before you decide to do it. 


The first type of branding is for a corporation or brand for the company. Although some companies might have their own. It is always better to have something that defines your purposes and shows your brand. For example, the US Navy is an organization but they have a brand, you could look that there is merchandise with the Navy’s logo and design. This is one of the ways to do strategic marketing so that people can see the difference and reputations behind the brand. 


The second one would be product branding. Product branding is slightly different from a company brand, product branding would be for the products you own and selling. For example, Mcdonald’s is a company, but Prosperity Burger still has its own reputation and brand. People would talk about Prosperity Brand when the time is near to Chinese New Year. Product branding is based on how you market your product and the kind of content you would choose for the products. Nevertheless, you have to remember now that you have two different branding things, the first one is your company and the second one is your product.  For more related articles, click here.

The last one would be personal branding. Personal branding is something that relates to the founder of the company or business. This branding helps their name to be known by the people. Especially people are more aware of what he or she is contributing with that name. If that person is someone who does a lot of bad things, then he or she will be known as not something good. But if he or she does donate, volunteer works, listening to what their customers want, people would normally remember and appreciate the name. Could you see the importance of personal branding as well? 


To conclude, branding generally is important for marketing purposes, if you do not do branding for your business, your products, and your personal name, people can reuse your ideas and make them their own, and by the time you would like to do, you cannot because the originality is not there anymore. Apart from that as well, you can actually take court action on someone who is trying to copy your products or name, or using them as their own and selling them, and getting profits. I hope you are able to consider this later. 


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