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How Rainwater Is A Part Of A Sustainable Life

by Lloyd Ortiz
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Rain is an important part of life. They play a very crucial role in water management in the atmosphere and the ground. The water cycle ceases to exist without the existence of rain. Rain provides us water to drink, harvest, and consume. The collection of rain in barrels and tanks has been an ongoing practice in many parts of the world even before we realized the importance of using rainwater. Many also have used groundwater that is accumulated as a result of rain as a source of their freshwater bath time and consumption. 

Rain is a natural source of water. Living sustainably is about making the best of the natural sources rather than compromising the conditions of our freshwater rivers and ocean. Rain is endless and can be accumulated up to thousands of liters to save so much of the earth’s resources as well as money. Before technology ever became a thing, humans have been collecting rainwater for so many different purposes. This practice of water collection cost little to no money while it also served the purpose of protecting the environment. Perhaps we never had a realization of the impact such a practice had on the environment, but it is time we bring such sustainable practices back into our life. 

Rainwater is not only beneficial as a resource but also as a means to save our lives from diseases. Having rainwater is a privilege as some parts of the world are suffering from the negative impact of droughts and lack of safe water for consumption. Millions suffer from the consequences of drinking unsanitary water. So let’s talk about how we can include rainwater as a means to improve sustainability. 

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Rainwater harvest action for sustainability is not as difficult as it may sound. In most cases, it simply involves checking up on the health of your roof and its ability to capture rainwater. This is why roof guttering Malaysia is so important. Depending on how big your roof is, it can accumulate a significant portion of rainwater into a rain barrel or even a tank. Some may have concerns that the collection of rainwater from roofs will lead to debris and living organisms such as worms and mosquitoes in their water. However, this is easily preventable. 

Normally a protective screen or mesh clothing is used to prevent further contamination and there are tons of technology that aids us in filtering the water from sedimentations. When combining technology with our roof, we can save tons of water every year. We can use this water to water the plant, take a shower, clean the house, do the laundry and even drink after boiling and sanitizing. The ability to collect rainwater is also dependent on how much it rains in your region. Tropical areas and countries like Malaysia constantly experience rainy and stormy weather so it is wise to invest in a rain harvesting system. Many hot tropical countries and those living in the rural side have a rain barrel as a source of water. 

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