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8 Typography Design Trends to Implement this 2019

by Lloyd Ortiz


If you want to emphasize something, repeat the words over and over again. This repetition technique is simple, but makes sure that your message is communicated well to your target audience. Let the text do the work, and don’t worry about imagery. Repetition in itself is a strong “visual statement.”

Font Mashups

This trend can be tricky, but when accomplished well by a website developer, it can result to an eye-catching, creative design. Feel free to play around different font styles to check which ones go well together.

Colorful Fonts

If you are running your own small business, then you need to make the most out of your website to improve your online presence. Strive to get that energetic, passionate and vibrant tone. By adding beautiful colors, you can highlight your awesome identity to potential customers.

Handwritten Fonts

Handwritten fonts would get even more popular this 2019. This style can make your pages more unique and approachable. Why? Your customers will see you as a legit, friendly individual, not a business. It establishes a traditional, welcoming feel.

Vintage Fonts

Vintage typography can establish an emotional connection to every user. Through this, you can tap into their childhood and past. Who wouldn’t want to remember all of those beautiful memories?

Cutouts and Overlays

More print marketing materials and website designs are leveraging on the depth provided by cutout fonts. This offers an opportunity for website owners to add interesting layers to their pages.

Variable Fonts

Expect variable fonts to flourish this 2019. These kinds of fonts utilize dynamic settings when it comes to weight, width and other necessary attributes that owners can’t tweak a lot.

Opposites Attract

In typography, contrasting elements can bring about huge success. Loud, big text captures a person’s attention immediately, while smaller fonts give the details they need.


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