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8 Reasons Your Business Should Use Affiliate Marketing to Grow Your Brand

by Lloyd Ortiz

What is affiliate marketing and how can business owners take advantage of this? Well, without getting into the nuances, affiliate marketing is where a marketer would sign-up to an affiliate program that is offered by the business owner.

This is done to help the latter promote their affiliate products or services online. The publisher or the marketer would be given payments based on a commission structure set by the entrepreneur.

That being said, most business owners nowadays employ a performance-based model where the publishers will be given a percentage commission based on actual sales.

Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, why is it so important to help you grow your brand? Read on to find out.

You Can Choose Your Partners

As an online entrepreneur that wants to use affiliate marketing for their business, there are two ways to get your affiliates. You can either sign-up to an affiliate network and hire your publishers from there or you can scour the internet to find the right affiliates for the job. The former is actually the preferred method simply because it is so much easier than the latter.

Helps Improve Targeted Traffic

Internet traffic is not created equal. As a business owner, it is in your best interest to only promote your products to the people who are most likely going to buy it. That is why you need to get some ‘targeted’ traffic which publishers know how to provide.


Since affiliate networks employ a performance-based payment model, you will only pay commissions to publishers based on actual sale as opposed to getting clicks. This provides you with a low-risk investment since the potential for abuse is minimal (or non-existent).

No Prior Knowledge Required

Even if you are not as tech-savvy as others, you do not need prior knowledge in this area if you want to use affiliate marketing to help grow your brand.

That is because affiliate networks will do the job for you. So long as you pay them a network fee and handsomely pay your affiliates in the process, you will have no problems at all.

Helps Improve Your Brand Awareness

Consumers only want to spend their money on brands that they’ve known and trust. However, this is not to say that you should be dismayed because affiliate marketing can truly help.

By looking for and working with the right publishers, they can tell their audience to try your products and services. This can help increase brand awareness.

Improves SEO

It is the publishers’ job to help promote the things that you sell and in so doing, it can help improve your e-commerce website’s SEO performance.

Provides You with Specific Data and Detailed Statistics

By signing up to an affiliate network, you will be given access to their dashboard that provides you with detailed statistics about some important data about your business. This includes conversion rates, impressions, and even how much money you’ve collected through sales.

Helps You Build Relationships

When you have partnered up with reputable publishers and have given them a considerable amount of money through their promotional efforts, that is sort of investment since they will help you get to the top.

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